See Digital Spend Management in Action in Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Sharing our customers’ stories is the best way to show the difference SAP Concur Solutions can make. Watch the 3-minute videos for the Bishop-Wisecarver Group and Charities Aid Foundation of America to hear how implementing digital spend management helped these organizations save money, boost productivity and run smoothly through the pandemic.


Bishop-Wisecarver Group (75 employees)

Bishop-Wisecarver is a family-owned motion technology manufacturer celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

Before deploying SAP Concur solutions, many expense and vendor invoice processes were manual. Employees were taping receipts to paper, scanning, and e-mailing them to a supervisor for approval. There were also cases of duplicate invoices or invoices being paid twice.

“Our month-end process could be up to 15 days or more,” explains assistant controller Joe Lusby. “We started out with the Concur Expense solution, and reduced our close time to three days.”

On the Concur Invoice side, senior accountant, Deirdre Robinson, attests to the time savings. ““With Concur Invoice, it’s all digital. It really transformed my role from maybe 30% accounts payable to just 10%.”

Deirdre also notes astonishing savings in spend. “We were able to reduce our credit card spend by almost 25% because of the visibility in SAP Concur. Managers were able to see what was actually being spent and it really cemented a sense of fiscal responsibility in all of our employees.”


Charities Aid Foundation of America (<200 employees)

Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF America) is a nonprofit organization that helps U.S. donors, foundation, and corporations validate and support a network of 1.8 million charities in 110 countries around the globe.

As a nonprofit, it is critical for CAF America to run as efficiently as possible, keep a close eye on expenditures, and make sure those expenditures are well documented for audit.    

President and CEO, Ted Hart, explains, “We are always looking for higher levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency. That is what we’re known for in the marketplace, and partnering with companies like SAP gives us the technology to meet that standard.”

“In March of this past year,” he continues, “when we needed to move to home offices for the safety of our employees, it was a very easy and simple decision because the technology was already in place. It was seamless. There was no downtime at all.”

Chief of Staff, Michael Pendersen, notes that SAP Concur frees employees to spend their time on the Foundation`s philanthropic work instead of paperwork. “It allows our staff to stay focused on their mission instead of trying to manage the administrative work of tracking and reporting on those expenses.”


See the full stories from Bishop-Wisecarver and CAF America to learn more about how SAP Concur solutions are empowering these organizations to manage spend better.


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