Canada Business Traveler Report 2020

Canadian business travellers reveal their predictions as the roads and skies open up.

Nearly all Canadian business travellers (95%) expect norms and practices to change and evolve. While 33% expect enforced quarantine upon arrival and 24% plan to avoid airports in major cities, 66% do not expect to routinely limit attendance to events and conferences. 

More than 2 in 5 say health and safety is their top priority while travelling for business—more than three times as many who prioritize business needs. Additionally, the trip itself is likely to be anxiety-inducing, from arriving at the airport to the flight, to staying at a hotel. 

And Canadian business travellers want tech that can keep up. Their wish list of mobile app features when travel resumes includes mobile check-in (52%), followed by traveller safety information (38%) the ability to book air travel (38%), and the ability to view and manage their trip itinerary (36%). 

Download the Canada Business Traveler Report 2020 to learn more about the future of business travel from a Canadian perspective.