A Guide to Managing Taxable Employee Benefits

For HR leaders, manually tracking Taxable employee benefits is made easy with SAP Concur. Iearn how to use artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically identify TEBs

The perks you give employees are always changing but in the last few years, more and more of these benefits have started showing up on expense reports and diving up operational and regulatory challenges for HR leaders like you. Why? 

  • The rise of work-from-home reality has led to a host of new employee benefits such as home internet, home office equipment, etc.  

  • An increasingly tight labor market means companies add perks like club memberships and travel loyalty programs to attract and retain top talent. 


Taxable employee benefits (TEB), like bonuses, are managed through proven HR systems and payroll processes, but these new and emerging versions are often charged to employee credit cards. 


Manually tracking TEBs takes too much time. You’ve got too much to do to make sure it’s being taxed appropriately, not even mentioning to ensure both your process and the amount you’re taxing are compliant with ever-changing regulations.  


With the right expense management solution, you don’t have to worry. In this ebook, we share how you can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically identify TEBs among your expense report charges so you get to focus on compliance, instead of compiling information.  


Download the brief guide to make your taxable employee benefits less taxing.