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How National Bank reinvented its expense experience

Creating a standout experience for its 2.4 million personal banking customers is always a priority for National Bank. When a key internal process – expense reporting – began to infringe on that customer experience, not to mention negatively impacting the employee experience too, it was time for a change.

Like many organizations, National Bank had a longtime manual expense process in place – one that was time consuming, frustrating and at times, inaccurate. Employees would complete a spreadsheet of expenses. Then, they’d use National Bank’s ATMs to submit envelopes full of receipts.

While it was no doubt a creative solution, it was also overdue for being digitized. Not only was the process still cumbersome and paper heavy for employees, but it was affecting the customer experience, too. “At the time, it was a pretty good idea, but we realized that we were taking our clients actual space waiting for the ATM machines,” says Frank Maniscalco, senior manager, accounting operations and a 20-year veteran of the bank.

With help from SAP Concur, National Bank changed the game.

Concur Expense is definitely a game changer in our day-to-day operations. – Frank Maniscalco, senior manager, accounting operations






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