Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc. (CCMSI)

An automated TE process has eliminated paper.

CCMSI is the nation’s leading independent third-party administrator, creating innovative multi-line property and casualty solutions that cut costs and put the customer back in control. Employees assist clients with self-insured property and casualty claims management needs—and want to focus on business; not on travel logistics and paperwork. Therefore, Concur provided CCMSI with a single seamless solution that balances control, flexibility, and cost savings, resulting in compliance and visibility. According to CCMSI, Concur has provided complete visibility into travel spend, helping the organization make smart policy decisions and better manage costs. Why CCMSI Prefers Concur:

  • Employees have automated access to travel information, itineraries, and expense reports, 24X7.
  • Integration between on-demand travel, expense solutions, and smartphones.
  • One-click mobile approval process allows quick and in-policy travel, even at last minute.
  • Automated T&E process eliminates paper, saving time and money.
  • RideCharge virtually eliminates wait time for ground transport to airports, meetings, etc.
  • Mobile applications offers maps, directions, and travel locations information.

“For the first time, we could see what we were actually spending per trip, and we’ve been able to reduce travel costs significantly as a result … Concur’s extensive travel content offers our employees plenty of choices, but we can still hold our travelers’ accountable and maintain tight control. It’s a definite win-win.” -Tiffany Garwood, CCMSI Vice President and Controller


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