Streamlined Corporate Travel Management

Travel is a critical activity for business professionals. Convenience ensures that their productivity is optimised while on the road - what if they received real time gate change alerts, could manage their itinerary from their smartphone and capture receipts electronically. With Concur we deliver corporate travel management solutions with a consumer feel to make life easier for your business professionals.

Tailored Business Travel to Suit Your Needs

Choice and content are key to managing your expense budget effectively. But you want your travelers to make smart choices based on your corporate travel policy. Integrated and intelligent tools allow you to manage your policy while also recognizing the traveler’s preferences.

Book Travel Anywhere, Any Time

Change your hotel reservation, book a car in the next city you are visiting or look at alternative flight options all while you are on the road, from the back of the taxi cab or at dinner. Our powerful mobile application allows you to manage your corporate travel plans wherever you are located, saving you valuable time in your day.

Accurate, Reliable Travel Booking Data Directly from the Supplier

You may need to make a reservation or access features that are not always available through the traditional channels, or simply save your budget with web fares. The Concur Connect platform provides exclusive access to this content and subsequently is able to capture the electronic receipt for that travel arrangement, making corporate travel management convenience and seamless. Imagine never having to file your car rental or hotel bill again to attach to your expense report on your return, because it is already imported into your expense report. And with the re-assurance of accurate and itemized information, manual errors are eliminated and you are provided with a trusted expense.

Client case Study: Pentax Canada

Book the "Perfect Business Trip"

The Perfect Trip leverages the powerful mobile technology available today along with unrivaled direct access to content and applications via the Concur Cloud and Connect Platform. Today you can book and pay for your taxi on your mobile device, monitor and manage changes to your flight, add hotel, dinner and other reservations to your itinerary, while tomorrow you’ll be able to bypass hotel check in lines and check into your room using your Smartphone. Concur continually strives to provide greater choice and convenience to the traveler, making their business travel easier and more productive, while helping manage expense and policy more effectively.