Business Traveller Report 2019

Business Traveller Report 2019

For business travel to provide the best return on investment, there should be a balance between the needs of the business and the needs of the traveller. In exchange for long hours worked and many miles logged, the business traveller wants to feel fully supported. 

Today’s business travellers want access to the latest technology to help them be both productive and safe while on the road. Technology has become an integral part of how business travellers manage each stage of their trip - and indeed their lives - but employees are feeling that the tech provided by their employer is lagging. 

Today’s professionals expect the flexibility to book, plan, change, or check in for business trips through a wide variety of platforms of their own choosing, quickly and easily, so that they can go about the business of actually doing business. But often business travellers feel out of step with the home office, even on matters as urgently important as safety on the road. 

To better understand the challenges employees face while travelling, SAP Concur commissioned a survey of 7,850 business travellers from 19 global markets.

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