Travel Management Automation in Canada: 2018 Research Report

As a Canadian finance decision-maker, you likely have experienced first-hand how travel booking apps and websites help employees feel more in control over their corporate travel. What you may have also realized is that these same technologies can make it difficult for businesses to control travel costs, gain visibility into travel expenses, and proactively manage their duty of care responsibilities. In particular, those businesses with manual travel management processes.

In the following research report commissioned by SAP Concur, we gathered travel expense management data and insights from over 500 Canadian finance decision-makers at businesses of all sizes. The report revealed that only 11% of Canadian companies are currently benefitting from a fully automated travel expense tracking and management system. The trend toward automation, however, is gaining momentum. 

In fact, 24% of Canadian businesses are already in the process of automating travel expenses, while 69% are planning to automate within 2 years. 

The top three reasons for automating are to:

1. Increase visibility of where money is spent
2. Eliminate paper & emailed receipts
3. Ensure travel expenses stay within budget

Are you ready to get your employee travel expenses back on the radar? 
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