From Manual to Mobile - Speeding Business Success for SMBs

This report by SMB Group's Laurie McCabe, sponsored by Concur, dives deeper into one of SMB Group's "Top 10 SMB Technology Trends", which discusses how mobile momentum continues, but mobile management lags.   

Generational shifts, the rise of the remote workforce and the growth of the gig economy are reshaping the workforce and our definition of the workplace. Today’s workers increasingly need—and expect—to get their work done anytime, anywhere and from the device of their choice.

Getting the most business value from mobile investments involves more than just outfitting workers with the latest mobile gadgets. By equipping employees with the right mobile business solutions, companies can cut the time that workers spend on repetitive chores so they can devote more time to activities aimed at growing the business. SMBs must also take measures to ensure that they are managing and protecting their data wherever it resides.