Guide: An Expense Policy For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur expense report

As an entrepreneur, you may have managed to date with a simple expense policy or even none at all. At a certain point, however, continued growth relies upon better control over cash flow and having employees spend less time on non-revenue producing tasks. Here is where an employee expense policy can be an important first step. A properly built policy:

  • Educates employees on what they can expense before they incur costs
  • Ensures managers spend less time verifying expense reports
  • Reveals and deters potential fraud
  • Increases employee compliance and satisfaction

Not sure where to begin? Our downloadable guide can help. In it you’ll find details on why even small businesses need an expense policy, what should go into your policy, plus a template that includes example wording you can use or modify as needed.

Of course, if your business has also outpaced your current expense processes, it’s time to take a closer look at SAP Concur solutions. Learn about how automation can help move your business forward.