1 day. 15 sessions. 500 people: Recapping the highlights from our biggest client event of the year

When more than 500 attendees from across the country showed up on October 15th, 2019 to talk about spend management, we knew this would be a game-changing year for SAP Concur Fusion Exchange. 


What inspired our team most was that this year’s attendees didn’t come only to be an audience. You came with questions in-hand, like:

“How does Concur address the huge shifts in how employees want to book travel?”
“With fraud getting more sophisticated, how do I find it and prove it?” 

“How can I get more out of my SAP Concur solution without spending a penny more?” 


These are the questions we love to answer and hope we did through presentations, roundtable discussions and one-on-one conversations! 


Getting keyed up

The day kicked off with a keynote that shared the investments we are making in helping our customers become best run businesses. Ben Brewer, Senior VP and General Manager of SMB, reiterated our commitment to supporting customers over the entire lifecycle of spend management.  

As it turns out, the most memorable line of the day was delivered by Ben. “The best gift we can give to people is time,” he said simply. And from the crowd reaction, that couldn’t have rung more true, with many attendees adamantly nodding in agreement and referring back to this remark throughout the day. 

Good morning, great innovations

Morning breakout sessions focused on both what’s “now” and what’s “next.”  We shared recent SAP Concur Expense, Travel and Invoice enhancements and unveiled a detailed timeline for the many innovations you can expect later this year and in 2020. 

Attendees also got a sneak peek and demo of our NextGen User Interface for Expense and Request. It’s a lot more than good looks – the new UI (coming in 2020) will be more intuitive and reduce time spent on task.


Lunch and lot more

Lunchtime offered the option of networking or joining roundtables focused on niche topics like Uber, Duty of Care and using WayPay to “never write another check again.” Many of you also used the lunch break to visit the Partner Showcase or pose your technical questions to our panel of solution specialists at the SAP Concur “Expert Bar.”


Freshened for those afternoon sessions

Afternoon sessions took advantage of full stomachs to take a deep dive into intelligence, fraud, compliance, product rollout tactics and more. 

Perhaps the most talked about presentation of the afternoon was “They Submitted What?!” This revealing session concentrated on some of the top business fraud schemes today, how people try to conceal fraud and perhaps most importantly, how to uncover fraud within your own organization.


Thanks, Toronto!

Fusion happened to fall the day after Thanksgiving this year and we certainly had many things to be thankful for (great food, inspiring presenters and fantastic clients to name a few). Thanks to all who attended for making this our most high-energy and interactive Toronto Fusion Exchange event ever!

And remember, just because Fusion is over, it doesn’t mean the conversation is. We welcome your questions and feedback 365 days a year. The tougher, the better.

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