Twitter and Concur partner to make expense reporting seamless.

Twitter is the social media platform giving everyone in the world the power to have a voice without barriers. Within six months, they implemented Concur Expense across 19 countries. Since then, the cost of running an expense report has decreased by more than 72%, saving them over 7 figures annually. Additionally, Concur reduced Twitter's expense submit-to-pay cycle time by 65%, from 26 days to 9.5 days. Anjela Evengelisa, Senior Analyst of Travel and Expense, says “one of our top goals is happy travelers, and I don't think we would be able to do that without Concur. I've been using Concur for over eight years now, and I've seen what else is out there. Nothing even comes close or compares.”

Before we had Concur and ran expenses through a manual accounts payable process, we estimated that it cost us over 72% more than it costs us now.. With processing more than 5,000 expense reports a month globally, our cost savings by leveraging Concur has saved us over seven figures annually.

-Jeff Piatt, Twitter






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